The High- Folks Schools of Extremadura takes part in AUPEX’ Erasmus project ‘In-Salads’


In the framework of the Erasmus KA2 cooperation project ‘In-Salads. Promotion of sustainable food through the cultural exchange of salads”, AUPEX starts a training with several High- Folks Schools of Extremadura on healthy and sustainable food and digital storytelling. From June, different face-to-face training sessions will take place in the participating High- Folks Schools, with […]

The “Orto Urbano” – urban vegetable garden – of Udine in Italy

Urban vegetable gardens as examples of city sustainability first came about in the 1960s, linked to environmentalism and the movements promoting a more natural, fairer and more caring world. The “Orto Urbano” (urban vegetable garden) of Udine, located in Via Bariglaria and managed by the ALPI Association, is a good example of this idea of […]

In-Salads was born from an idea developed by CPIA Udine in 2022


In October 2022 our school, CPIA of UDINE, participated in the EPALE EDU HACK event, organized by Epale. The theme of the social Hackathon was a challenge for peace and sustainability, and to do this activity, we followed some lectures held by INDIRE researchers about digital competencies, sustainable knowledge and creative abilities that are crucial […]

AUPEX and its commitment to traditions through digital transformation


Extremadura displays a vast and scattered geography, where rural landscapes and small towns set the tone. 89% of Extremadura’s territory is rural. In fact, 99% of Extremadura’s municipalities are located in this territory, with 67.4% of the population living there. Historically, like many other regions in Spain, rural exodus and demographic concentration in urban centres […]

How to promote sustainable food and healthy nutrition

Sustainability is on the agenda. And why is that? We know that our lifestyle has a direct impact on the climate. Our consumption habits have been causing changes in the way our planet behaves, with direct consequences for our lives. Etymologically, the word sustainable originates from the Latin word sustentare, which means “to sustain”, “to […]

In-Salads – Promoting inclusion through the creation of salads


Promoting inclusion and the transfer of knowledge and intercultural traditions through the creation of salads Food4Sustainability is a partner in the In-Salads project, an Erasmus+ project whose main aim is to promote sustainable food and healthy nutrition by training adults in a process of cultural exchange facilitated by the use of digital tools. Coordinated by […]



We are very glad to introduce you to our project “In-Salads”, which aims at promoting sustainability in the field of food and nutrition, involving adults and their educators in a training process and cultural exchange, thanks to the use of digital tools.  How can you contribute to disseminate our project? Here is a list of […]