The main results will be:

  1. Networking with local associations: It is planned to network with local associations to promote the participation of adults interested in project activities. This will help to reach a wider audience and to increase the dissemination of project activities;
  2. Creation of groups with a mix of cultural backgrounds: The aim of this activity is to create groups of 10 people in each country involved in the project, with a mix of cultural backgrounds. This will facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences, increasing the participants’ awareness of the importance of sustainable and healthy cooking;
  3. Development of 8 salads: Participants will work together on the creation of 8 salads representing the culinary traditions culinary traditions of their countries. This will help promote cultural diversity and knowledge of the culinary traditions of the countries involved in the project countries involved in the project;
  4. Development of 8 video tutorials: Participants will develop 8 video tutorials illustrating how to prepare the salads created during the previous activity. These tutorials will be available online and promoted through the communication channels of the project, contributing to the dissemination of the knowledge and skills acquired.