In-Salads Project

The Erasmus+ project “In-Salads” aims at promoting the sustainability in the field of food and nutrition, involving adults and their educators in a training process and cultural exchange, thanks to the use of digital tools.

In Salads is much more than just a culinary project, it’s a dynamic initiative aimed at transforming the way we think about food and culture. At the heart of this project lies the desire to promote sustainability in the field of food and nutrition while fostering cultural exchange and collaboration.

To achieve this ambitious goal, adult educators will be specifically trained to facilitate intercultural exchanges through food. They will not only learn to prepare and present dishes from different cultures but also to use these experiences as powerful tools to promote mutual understanding and respect. Participants, on the other hand, will be immersed in comprehensive learning. They will be trained in video production and digital storytelling, enabling them to tell their own culinary stories in a captivating and engaging manner. Additionally, they will receive training on food sustainability, learning how to make food choices that have a positive impact on the environment and their health.
A highlight of the project will be the creation and sharing of intercultural salad recipes. These delicious dishes will serve as bridges between different culinary and cultural traditions, providing participants and their communities with an opportunity to celebrate diversity and discover new flavors.

But In Salads is not just about food, it’s also about building bridges between people. With a focus on health, social inclusion and digital technologies, the project aims to reduce the risk of chronic diseases by encouraging healthy eating habits, create an inclusive environment by sharing diverse culinary traditions and enhance digital literacy for effective communication and out reach.

In summary, In Salads is an innovative initiative aimed at transforming food practices towards increased sustainability while fostering cultural understanding for a healthier and more connected future.