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The High- Folks Schools of Extremadura takes part in AUPEX’ Erasmus project ‘In-Salads’


In the framework of the Erasmus KA2 cooperation project ‘In-Salads. Promotion of sustainable food through the cultural exchange of salads”, AUPEX starts a training with several High- Folks Schools of Extremadura on healthy and sustainable food and digital storytelling.


From June, different face-to-face training sessions will take place in the participating High- Folks Schools, with the aim of promoting sustainability in the field of food and nutrition, involving adults and those involved in the training of this group in a process of training and cultural exchange, thanks to the use of digital tools.


To this end, in a previous phase, two AUPEX workers participated in a training of trainers in Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal, within the facilities of ‘Food for Sustainability’, the Portuguese partner in the project. There they learned about food sustainability, sustainable production and the use of digital tools to use storytelling in the process of generating salads and related videos.

In the second phase, these two people will be carrying out training in healthy and sustainable eating, which will end with the creation of two intercultural salads whose preparation process will be narrated and recorded in a video. Thus, starting on 12 June and with 8 participants, the High-Folks School of Villanueva de la Serena will be the first to work to share a series of salad recipes, thereby celebrating diversity and promoting cultural exchange.

This training will cover topics such as culture and food, healthy nutrition, nutrients and their benefits, recommended intake percentages, cooking methods, food waste… In addition, there will be practices before the development of the salad, such as the identification of local seasonal products (fruits and vegetables), or the activation of ‘food sensations’, to taste, touch and smell food. Finally, the last practice will deal with preparation time, cooking time, portions or local ingredients, among other issues necessary for the preparation of the salad.

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